Steam cleaning & disinfecting

Steam cleaning & disinfecting

No Job is too big or small.

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Equine & agri painters

Equine & agri painters

Experts in agricultural and equine painting.

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Meet the team!

Meet the team!

Passionate about the ponies!

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Smulders Stables

Smulders Stables

Smulders Stables have over twenty years of experience in the industry, producing high quality stabling.

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Steam cleaning & disinfecting

Did you know bacteria is constantly building up an immunity to disinfectants? This is why we only use the most up to date and independently tested DEFRA approved disinfectants on the market.

We provide a comprehensive equine and agricultural steam cleaning service

• One-off deep clean
• Decontamination
• Regular cleaning and “Fogging”
• Professional advice on controlling current disease outbreak
• Advice on regular protocol to prevent disease outbreak
• All round BIO-SECURITY advice to aid you in protecting your animal’s health.

We use DEFRA approved Disinfectant to protect your horses, pets and livestock from bacteria, fungi and viruses including Streptococcus Equi (Strangles), E. Coli, Herpesviridae (Equine Herpes), MRSA, Parvovirus

It is imperative that you get your equine and livestocks’ living environment decontaminated after an outbreak of the likes of strangles and foot and mouth as they will survive dormant unless dealt with.

Dust and cobwebs are removed with HD suction.

Using industrial, diesel powered, high-pressure steam cleaner (110c) cleaning all hard surfaces of yards and stables, fittings, yard walls, equipment and transportation vehicles. NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL. (price will reflect though!)

We offer a post steam cleaning and regular FOGGING SERVICE to ensure a total disinfection from ceiling to floor, no matter how high the roof areas. This can include tack and feed rooms, staff rest rooms and public areas.

We can also provide ‘Before’ and ‘After’ random swab testing with test results sent direct to you as additional service.

Equine & agri painters

We have a professional and experienced team of painters, that take huge pride in their work. We will always take the time necessary to carry out the job to achieve the very highest standard.


• Newly built barns
• Existing barns
• Barn doors/drains/gutters
• Metal Work, Wood Work, Plastic and Concrete Substrates
• Sky lights

• Newly built yards
• Stables
• Tack rooms
• Feed rooms
• Hay barns
• Sky lights
• Indoor arena’s

We have identified Stable Shield an antimicrobial paint/coating that comes in white, black and clear that has a dry film that protects against the growth of harmful bacteria by 99.8%.

Stable Shield is a hard wearing, durable antimicrobial paint/coating that has been fully tested by the Irish Equine Centre and approved by Equine Health Ireland proving it is the real deal.

Please check our products page for more information.

We have together more than 20 years of experience of working closely with horses. We understand how important it is to work quietly and tidily ensuring we make as little impact on your horse’s routine as possible. We also understand that not all of your stables can be empty at one time, therefore we can work closely with you to ensure logistically the job is carried out to suit you and your horse’s needs.

Meet the team!

Tom Fillery

Tom grew up in the Lambourn area and has also spent his entire life surrounded by horses. Tom set up Yard and Stable Hygiene Services after identifying there was a real need for the equine world to realise the huge benefits to keeping your horses and livestocks’ living areas as clean as possible. Tom has gained extensive experience in the equine world, working in the stud world for both Juddmonte and Highclere. Then progressing to assistant trainer for Tom George where he enjoyed great success. Tom then spent his final four years in racing with Grand National winning trainer Oliver Sherwood

As you can see Tom has spent a huge part of his life working at the very top with performance horses. During Tom’s time in the racing world he felt it was the relationships built up with various vets that he sees as invaluable. It allows him to really trial and test any products that are new to the market, only giving approval to those that do exactly what they say they do.

Smulders Stables


Yard and Stable Hygiene Services provide a comprehensive steam cleaning and painting service to the equine and agricultural industry.

We are the easy, cost effective way to clean and paint your stables, barns and yards. We bring professional industrial cleaning and painting services to your private yard and stables.

We provide a full decontamination service. We have extensive experience in carrying out the important part of recovering from equine and livestock diseases.

We specialise in identifying new products and innovative technologies that will aid in creating the perfect healthy environment for your horses and animals to thrive in. We will only use and sell products that have been independently tested and fully approved, allowing both you and us to use the products with confidence. Check out our products page to further your quest for the complete package.

About us

By working closely with vets and professionals alike, we ensure we stay at the forefront in technology that aids in creating a BIO-SECURE environment.

We are aware of the damage bacteria and pathogens can cause to your horse’s health, with the likes of clostridia leading to the very worst case scenario. With collectively over 20 years of experience at the very top of the professional equine world we believe it only takes a few simple steps to ensure you are doing the best possible job to ensure your horse stays fit and healthy.

It’s not till you experience first-hand the effects of Streptococcus, Clostridium, Salmonella, MRSA, Rhodococcus and E. coli, to see the often permanent damage it can cause your horse or livestock.

So easily contracted! Yet so easily avoided!

During the heavy flooding in 2013 we gained extensive experience in liaising closely with insurance companies to assist both them and our clients in dealing with the catastrophic effects of flood damage. It was this period that enabled us to expand our knowledge on the effects of breeding ground for bacteria in the equine and livestock environment.

Smulders Stables have over twenty years of experience in the industry, producing high quality stabling and accessories for the equine market at a competitive price point. We’re able to help you with any request, from doors or solariums to entire yard builds, ranging from functional designs for busy working yards to the most luxurious.

All stables are fully customisable to ensure you build the yard you want. We’re here to help and support you from the stages of your initial drawings, right through to the completion of your build.

  • Internal Stables
  • External Stables
  • American barns
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Barn doors
  • Horse walkers
  • Solariums
  • Stabling accessories

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